Sponsored by the National Socialist Movement (NSM) and Aryan Nationalist Alliance (ANA), a White Lives Matter rally is scheduled to happen today, Saturday July 30th at 3pm inside Cazenovia Park.

The Southern Poverty Law Center describes the NSM as 'an organization that specializes in theatrical and provocative protests, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) is one of the largest and most prominent neo-Nazi groups in the United States.'

I wonder what they truly hope to accomplish at their rally? The flyer that has been circulated by the group states that they are ‘hosting a stand against black lives matter and the choas and destruction they have caused…'

I also wonder if there is any significance in the fact that they chose Cazenovia Park instead of another park like MLK or Schiller? Local politicians have made multiple statements in the media and on government websites denouncing this event. Considering the violent history groups like these have, I just hope the day remains peaceful.

Should The NSM Hold Their White Lives Matter Rally in Buffalo? Are You Going To The White Lives Matter Rally?

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