Buffalo has always been known for two things that stick out like a sore thumb...BUFFALO WINGS and THE BUFFALO BILLS! So what would happen if either were TAKEN AWAY What would become of Buffalo...what would "IT" be then?

If you could no longer get Buffalo wings in Buffalo because someone bought all the rights to BUFFALO WINGS and moved all production and sale of the item to TORONTO (for example)...a vital piece of Buffalo's IDENTITY goes BYE-BYE. Need I follow that thought with the same scenario involving the Buffalo Bills?

Buffalo doesn't have much that identifies it with GREATNESS...or even public interest for that matter...outside of Buffalo wings and (100 times more), the Buffalo Bills...so someone buying the Bills and taking it away from Buffalo would be complete devastation for Buffalo...in terms of anyone caring the city even exists.

On the FLIP SIDE...someone purchasing the Bills, building a new stadium for the team and investing in Buffalo, beyond just pumping money into the football team...would bolster Buffalo's appeal, identity and promising FUTURE.

So which candidate...PEGULA or TRUMP or BON JOVI is the most desirable of the two to help BUILD A NEW AND IMPROVED BUFFALO!!!!???

Here are some things to consider when considering who would be BEST SUITED for BUFFALO'S BEST INTEREST!!!!