In Buffalo, the starter jacket was a very big deal for many people. On the east side, some people had a different team jacket for different reasons. For example, dance crews would all wear on team color as their uniform, some gangs would wear their team color to represent what neighborhood they were from.

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The starter jacket became a big part of the 90's fashion in Buffalo back in the New Skateland era. Many teenagers that did not have their own means of getting cash to buy one including me, would beg parents, do odd jobs, or whatever it took to be apart of the latest trend.

I liked many of the jackets, my favorite was Charolette, I had teal blue with the fresh new Micheal Jordans to match. In my opinion, the most popular starter jackets in Buffalo where,

New York Giants, Syracuse Orange, Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, and Chicago Bulls. What was your favorite? The 90s had many different trends and fashions, I think the starter jacket was one of the biggest.

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