There are still some questions about how the federal stimulus money will be spent that is coming to Buffalo. What you may not know is, your input matters when it comes to how this money should be spent. The number of programs that are needed in Buffalo is one of the reasons your input is important as well as other things like money needed for businesses to hire people in the local community.

According to in a recent meeting held, the Buffalo Common Council hasn't heard anything about how the federal stimulus money will be spent in Buffalo. Common Council President Darius Pridgen believes that there will be great communication between the administration and the common council as it relates to where the money will go. He also expressed how important it is to have input from the community.

I think it's very important that the council hears from the community so that we make sure that this huge amount of money will be spent in a way that will help our city and the people who have suffered from this pandemic.

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One of the things that were agreed on was expanding the summer youth program, because of the number of people that were hurt by the pandemic, expanding the summer youth program was a major part of the meeting recently held to discuss how to use the stimulus funds. I think it is important that the public have input on how the money should be used as well, simply because the public is the ones that really know what is needed in the communities they live in.

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