While the COVID-19 pandemic had a horrible impact on our community, taking more than 1.1 million lives in its wake. The longer-term effects of the pandemic continue to impact our communities today.

The government takes some tremendous steps to try and keep the country from going into the ditch, including requiring quarantining and masking, along with enacting various types of financial stimulus to keep the economy afloat. Measures like the CARES Act, the Tax Relief Act of 2020, and the American Rescue Plan have sent billions of dollars to Businesses, Individuals, and local Governments.

That money has served as a lifeline for many all over the country, that includes those right here in Western New York. Now, as funds from these programs being to expire local governments have some serious decisions to make.

Buffalo Public Schools May Need To Adjust Classroom Size Due To Financial Strain

Just days after the City of Buffalo announced that taxes might need to increase to continue providing snow removal services, the Buffalo Public Schools are looking at a plan that may eliminate some classrooms in order to save money.

According to the Buffalo News, the BPS has a tough budget ahead as $90 million in COVID-related funds are set to expire.

While district officials have stated they do not intend to seek layoffs, the pending budget hole creates a situation where they save money and continue to serve children in New York State's second-largest school district.

While the Buffalo Public Schools budget for the 2024-25 school year is just in its beginning phase of development, it's clear some changes are coming for students and teachers.

You can watch the last Buffalo Public School Board meeting here.

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