When did Halloween candy get so expensive? I was at the store this weekend and a bag of candy cost $21. I was like man, that's a whole two days worth of meals for me lol. I always wondered why that old lady on the corner always gave out pennies for Halloween. If you are getting ready for the treaters to come on over your house for Halloween night, below is a list of the Top Hallowwen candy for 2018.

These are this year's favorites!

America's Top 10 Halloween Candy 2018:

  1. Skittles
  2. M&M's
  3. Snickers
  4. Reese's Cups
  5. Starburst
  6. Candy Corn
  7. Hot Tamales
  8. Hershey's
  9. Tootsie Pops
  10. Jolly Ranchers

Fun fact: When it comes to the best place to trick or treat, that award goes to Oregon. BOOOOOOOOOOOO.


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