What do you call the dish in the Tweet below?

There was a debate on social media and it seems that what you call this dish depends on where you grew up. For me, it's goulash. I grew up in East Aurora, a suburb of Buffalo, New York and goulash was a standard for our home. Perhaps it has something to do with the colder winter weather that we are used to getting around Western New York? But a good comfort food like this one is hard to beat.

I have to admit that I have tried to recreate my mother's recipe a few times and it never tastes the same as when mom would make it. Even while I write this I can smell the goulash cooking on the stove. This debate also brought up Hambuger Helper! Although Hamburger Helper is delicious (and loaded with delicious sodium) it still can't be homemade goulash.

No matter what you call it, or if it is homemade or not, we can all agree on the basic ingredients.

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