Ever wonder what Chief Keef is talking about in his song Love Sosa? As stupid as the lyrics may seem, he is actually talking about something. Here is part of my interpretation.

These ______ love Sosa

Know we from the 'Go boy

But we cannot go boy jail.

No I don't know ol' boy

I know he's a broke boy

Raris and Rovers Chief Keef is fond of foreign cars and trucks.

Convertibles, Lambos boy

You know I got bands boy

And it's in my pants boy

Disrespect them O Boys

You won't speak again boy If you mess with his neighbors on the O block you may be killed.

Don't think that I'm playin boy

No we don't use hands boy

No we don't do friends boy

Collect bands I'm a land lord

I gets lotsa commas

I can ____ yo mama

I ain't with the drama < Chief Keef doesn't like trouble

You can meet my llama

Ridin with 3hunna

With 300 foreigns

These ______ see Chief Sosa
I swear to god they honored

It's hard to tell whether this is a song or the court's evidence against Chief Keef to have him thrown back in jail.

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