I have been a Kanye fan for a minute, but I'm really starting to question what happened to good old Ye.

I still think his music has been consistent through out the years. I'm not even mad at the Kim Kardashian relationship thing. But Kanye as a person is starting to annoy the hell out of me -- and it all starts with this annoying new way he talks. This new accent that Ye is using sounds ridiculous.

Look at the examples below:

Versus Ye back in '03.

This doesn't even sound like the same person. Kanye sounds like he is trying to blend in with high society, but just ends up sounding like the idiot THEY all think he is. Ye, you're a genius, but be yoursel! This is the definition of becoming "Hollywood". Kanye sound like a wanna-be soccer mom.

Please stop it...I think Kanye is only doing interviews with people who will not call him out on what he has become.