We're always urged to Vote, Vote , Vote...but I think this country would be much, much better off if people would do MORE THAN JUST VOTE...we NEED to vote responsibly.

Now what does that mean...does it mean we shouldn't drink and vote...or we should get a good night's sleep so we'll be of good sound mind when we vote?  I believe voting responsibly refers to casting an educated vote, as opposed to casting your vote based on what each Candidate looks like, or how nice they are...in other words, their views regarding THE IMPORTANT ISSUES we face as Americans. It's unfortunate that the media, for the most part, handles the arena of exposing "US" to each Candidates views on the issues very, very, very poorly.  We're expected to watch debates, news commentaries, news casts, the candidate's commercials, etc, etc....and we never really get to what specifically each candidate truly believes and where they stand regarding the issues.

This Blog is dedicated to specifically what President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney TRULY BELIEVE.  This breaks down EXACTLY what each candidate stands for!

Enjoy your time reading through their credentials and their views such that you can make an EDUCATED VOTE on Election Day tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6, 2012!!! Read through the information below (click on each link).....and DO NOT refrain from reading about the candidate which you may not be in favor of...you might be surprised!!! Although I'm a proponent & supporter of President Barack Obama, I myself can't wait to read through the information...and although the information may not change my mind or my vote, at least I'll know more about each candidate and IF the incumbent Mitt Romney does pull it off...I will KNOW who my President is, as well as what he stands for and believes.

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