Gay Marriage is one of those topics you can file with abortion, capital punishment, and euthanasia as issues that people will never agree on yet our society runs rapid with these situations on a regular basis. Is there such thing as common ground on issues like these, or are we forever going to debate them politically and socially? Regardless of where you stand personally on the issue, New York State decided that it was a concern that could no longer be put off, and to the discontent of several people successfully passed the gay-marriage bill.

What do you think?- What’s your initial view on the gay marriage rights? Do you think homosexuals should be allowed to be married, why or why not?

Personally as a straight female I think the bill is great. If people want to live a homosexual lifestyle, why would I care? It doesn’t affect my life in the slightest…I still have to work, I still have to pay taxes, and the sun will rise and set as usual, so who cares?....Jesus does right? Of course the first argument I hear out of people when I say I’m in support of gay rights is that marriage was not intended for two people of the same sex, it was intended for a man and a woman…Ok, if that’s what you believe…but why press religion down someone’s throat who doesn’t want it? If they don’t believe in Adam and Eve then that gay individual could just as easily say you’re wrong for believing in some ancient story… couldn't they?

Here’s the way I see it…If you consider yourself to be a heterosexual individual; being attracted to the opposite sex, I pose this question to you…When you were born, or at any stage of your life, have to think about whether or not you were attracted to the opposite sex? Did you have to make the choice, or did it just come naturally?...Now if your anything like the majority of people I ask this question to, your going to say no, it was natural. Well if you really think about it, don’t you think that same NATURAL attraction that you have for the opposite sex, a gay person could NATURALLY have for the same sex? For me, I think about the friends I grew up with that have come out of the closet…I could have told you they were gay a looongggg time ago

What do you think?- Do you believe that homosexuality is a choice or do you believe that it could be a difference in a person’s genetic composition? Are you born gay?

The last question I find myself asking is why isn’t it just important to love each other? Who cares if it’s two men or two women that love each other, as long as they have genuine concern and commitment for each other, why does it matter? Gay couples do the same things that straight couples do…take vacations, buy homes, spend holidays together; so why can’t they have their partnership recognized?  And if they can do everything else that straight couple’s do, then having children as well should be allowed. Everyday we see children growing up in broken homes, missing role models, and teaching themselves the facts of life through their own mistakes. If a child came from a loving home, with parents that protected and provided for them while teaching them how to be a good person, does it matter if the parents are gay?

What do you think?- What’s more important finding someone you truly love, or being politically correct and allowing society to tell you who is right to love? How do you think parents being gay could affect children?

No matter what you believe in, our society is changing to adapt to the current times and the gay marriage bill is  a perfect example of just that. In my opinion, you can go two ways...You can accept the changing times and embrace people for who and what they want to be, or you can continue passing judgments and live set in your way, however I believe if you follow the second you may miss out on alot of great people.

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