So much for the Christian interpretation of Marriage (according to how MOST CHRISTIANS interpret The Bible) being such that "The Word" calls for or requires a "MARRIAGE LICENSE" / "CERTIFICATE".  What I mean by that is this: I've always contended that The Devil is celebrating  partying  and laughing at the Christian interpretation of Marriage as most Christians believe it's presented in The Holy Bible.

It seems Christians have been hard pressed to actually either understand or refrain from changing the Bible to fit "their" needs...thus, what has happened is that an atmosphere of confusion has been created...and of's a level of confusion such that we now have a Nation where a person should legally be able to marry anyone they please....currently this new liberal mentality promotes the allowance of men marrying men AND women marrying women.

Jumping ahead... TODAY it was announced that the Defense of Marriage Act is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!???? HUH?  Yes, that's right...the Defense of Marriage Act is a Federal Law, which defines marriage as the legal union between one Man and one Woman...but now all that has changed.... NOW it's UNCONSTITUTIONAL:!!!!!!

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