Power 93.7 WBLK will be dropping these artists from Buffalo and WNY inside Homegrown Heat (The 716 Show). Here's the playlist for July 10.

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On July 16, we'll be playing a song from a Buffalo artist once per hour to celebrate 716 Day. You can vote for which songs we should play here.

We know it's not easy being an artist, so we want to provide some opportunities for you to shine. Power 93.7 WBLK is now accepting songs from Buffalo and WNY artists for airplay in our 716 Power Jam competition and or The 716 Show. Submit your song here. Every Friday, at 5:45 pm, we play the winning song as the 716 Power Jam. Of course, please make sure your song is clean and high quality. It also needs to be sent as a wave file or MP3. If you don't follow these directions, we won't be able to play your song.

Homegrown Heat (The 716 Show) is currently hosted by Yasmin Young. It airs after The Go Getta Show, from 2 am to 2:30 am early Saturday mornings. We give you 30-minutes of back-to-back bangers from Buffalo and WNY!

1. Flex Bro Gotti f. Fbe KB & KzTK - All Eyes On You
2. Rizzy Renzo - Young Black Male
3. Eccell - Wildboys
4. XO Love - In My Bag
5. Jada - Moody
6. Sachii Buxx - ASG Vibes
7. Prettyboi Pezzy f. Jrey Cash - Back To Work
8. Uncle Harvey - 64
9. HC Kush - 30 Days
10. Destin4Greatness - For Momma

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