If you were shopping at the Wegmans on McKinley, you may have been quickly ushered out on Thursday evening.

Customers of Wegmans reported that they were hurrying to clear their grocery list when the store suddenly closed.

One Hamburg resident posted on Facebook:

Wegmans closed just as we got to what we wanted. Fire trucks and emergency vehicles but no idea what was going on.

People who were driving down McKinley on Thursday were concerned when they saw the emergency vehicles by the Wegmans parking lot, and they wanted to know if everything was okay. 


After some digging, we found out that there was a gas leak at the Wegmans on McKinley. 

If you ordered your groceries through Instacart during this time, you might have noticed your grocery order was canceled. 

The gas leak only caused the store to close its doors for about an hour, and everyone is ok. 

The store has since reopened, and everything has been cleared. 

Although some Wegmans’ customers may have been slightly inconvenienced by the gas leak and having to evacuate the building, at least the Wegmans staff monitored the store and took the necessary precautions to make sure that everyone was safe before allowing people to continue their shopping. 

The Wegmans on McKinley has returned to regular business hours since the leak has been resolved. 

We contacted Wegmans to find out what the cause of the gas leak was, but we have not heard back from their team yet.
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