It’s almost flu season once again, and one Western New York chain will now be offering the flu vaccine to combat the illness.

According to the CDC, flu season starts to spread more so in the fall and winter with a peak between December and February. The flu season can usually last until May, and that’s why so many people opt to get the vaccine early on in the season.

The influenza vaccine is now available at all Wegmans Pharmacy locations.

During normal business hours, feel free to pop into the Wegmans Pharmacy closest to you, or you can schedule your appointment ahead of time through their website. You can schedule your appointment for your flu vaccine by clicking here 

According to the Wegmans official website, they added the flu vaccine to their pharmacy so Wegmans can truly be “your one-stop shop to help keep your family safe and healthy.”

In most cases, the fee for the flu vaccine is covered by insurance. 

The CDC recommends that everyone above the age of 6 months to receive a flu shot and take preventive action, like washing hands more frequently and staying away from those who are ill. 

Other pharmacies in the area offer the shot as well, but it’s always good to have another option. 

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