Well, the state budget deadline has come and gone, and they're still not quite there yet.  And one of the items on the floor that's gotten some national attention is Uber, or rather, the lack thereof in the Queen City.

If and when the ride-sharing service becomes available in Buffalo, get ready to stumble upon lost glasses, phone chargers, and sunglasses...but also, some WEIRD stuff.

Recently, Uber had drivers assemble a kind of "lost and found" list of things people had left behind.  The normal things (like those listed above), you would probably expect.  But what about some of the weirder things, like:

  • a vacuum cleaner (you didn't notice you WEREN'T carrying that when you got out of the car?)
  • a Nintendo (assuming coming back from a garage sale??)
  • a smoke machine (who goes ANYWHERE without their smoke machine?)
  • a lobster (live or dead, we don't know)
  • salsa verde (someone's gonna have some very dry chips)

Well, until Uber DOES make an appearance here, did you know one Buffalo cab company has an app that's a LOT like Uber's?  From booking, tracking, and paying for your ride, Liberty Cab has it's own app, supported by Curb, and it's pretty much the next best thing!

Let us know what you think!


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