Welcome to the WBLK ' Smooth Jazz & Ol' Skool R&B Corner' where periodically I'll be Reviewing and Sharing this seemingly lost music with you along with facts about the Highlighted Artists as well as share some interesting facts about the music, it's origins, and other interesting tidbits.

My very first Review features a Brand New and Phenomenal CD Release from none other than Famed Saxophonist, Najee.  The name of the New CD ./ Album is called 'Poetry In Motion' and it lives up to it's name hands down as each and every song on the CD / Album is played by Najee as if he's writing Poetry right before your ears...and it definitely promotes 'Motion' to the extent that your body can't help but react to the uptempo songs as well as cause you to close your eyes and enter into a blissful state while listening to the amazing flautist work which Najee is so well know for.  A Flautist or Flutist is a Flute Player)

Here are a few tracks from the CD for you to interact with by listening and rating them on a . scale 1-10 with 10 being EXCELLENT and 1 being TRASH.  I doubt you'll consider reaching downwards beyond 8 ...but we'll see.

Songs from Najee's New CD / Album entitled, 'POETRY IN MOTION':

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