Well, thank you for participating in last week's mouth watering WBLK POWER POLL when we posed the question: Which Buffalo Bar has The BEST SOUL FOOD?  Congratulations to PANDORA'S RESTAURANT & BAR, who ended up being the People's Favorite, followed somewhat closely by Club 1210 (formerly The Groove Lounge) in 2nd Place, Club 77 & The Golden Nugget in 3rd Place with Kern's Bowling Center coming in 4th.  All of the previously mentioned have GREAT SOUL FOOD, which I can attest to, having had all of them NUMEROUS TIMES...lol.

It's time now for WBLK POWER POLL #2!  This week's POWER POLL should prove to be very tight with some very credible players creating some stiff competition!  The subject is PIZZA and we're asking the question ... WHERE IS BUFFALO / NIAGARA FALLS, NY'S BEST PIZZA?

The Results of this WBLK POWER POLL will be announced on Friday, February 23 during the Steve Harvey Morning Show between 6am - 10am.  The result will also be posted on the WBLK Facebook Page.


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