As the title suggests, today in Buffalo local pizzerias are celebrating National Pizza Day. Where would any of us be without the pizza? From feeding the masses at parties to a quick last-minute what's for dinner answer. There is nothing more convenient, more comforting, and delicious than the pizza.

And today you can score $1 slices. But before I tell you where, let's have a little history lesson on one of the greatest culinary creations made from dough, since the donut.

According to HISTORY, it is believed that the pizza (or something similar to it) was enjoyed by ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks before becoming established in Naples around the 1700- to the 1800s. From there the recipe eventually made its way to America and finally to Buffalo, New York.

In honor of the pizza, today (February 9, 2021) CASA DI PIZZA will be serving $1 slices between noon to 4 pm.

Casa will offer slices (restrictions will apply). But let's look at some of the different styles, as well as, most asked for toppings.

STYLES OF PIZZA: Pizza comes in all different sizes, shapes, and flavors. What is your favorite? New York v Chicago v Detroit? I did not even know there was a Detroit style pizza. Did You? Neopolitan v Sicilian? I prefer the brick oven and one of the best not only comes from Casa but if you are in New York City, it begins and ends at Lombardis, America's First Pizzaria. I literally carried a box of leftover slices throughout NYC while on vacation. There was no way I was relinquishing or discarding this pizza, It felt like sacrilege.

TOPPINGS: Pepperoni is the G.O.A.T but mushrooms are the next best thing. In Cheektowaga, my first introduction to a pizzeria was called GINO'S and my dad used to get anchovies, sauteed on the side, as to not contaminate the entire pizza. Dad was considerate that way. Oh yeah, he also picked up the tab every time.

So enjoy the day of $1.00 slices. So call it pizza, call it a slice, or call it za, Just make sure you call it before 4 PM.


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