Three Local In Car Shootings Investigated:

Buffalo Police are investigating whether there are any connections between three in-car shooting that left one person dead.

Tuesday night, in the 100 block of Maple Street, a woman was shot in the chest... then later Tuesday night there was a second shooting on East Ferry Street with an 18 year-old being shot in the thigh...and a final shooting, just after midnight, which was fatal for Brad Daniels who managed to drive his car a block away from the scene on Bardol Street before crashing his car.

Davey Jones

Monkees Star Davy Jones Dies:

60s pop singer / teen idol Davy Jones from the popular group & Tv Series "The Monkees" suffered a fatal heart attack Wednesday morning in Marin County, Florida.  He was 66

Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine - "Buffalo Is A Miserable Sports City"

"Forbes Magazine" says Buffalo's history of poor sports outcomes makes it one of the "Most Miserable Sports Cities" in America.

Forbes does an annual ranking of cities' lack of sports championships  and loss of professional franchises...Buffalo ranked number - four on that list. Atlanta, Seattle, and Phoenix finished ahead of Buffalo.

Angry Birds

New "Angry Birds" Games Coming Soon!

Rovio, the creator of the addictive, digital game application, "Angry Birds" is promising five new "Angry Birds in the months to come.  The game is so successful that Rovio plans to open the first "Angry Birds" retail store in China this year.

"Angry Birds' is said to be "the fastest growing game on Facebook", according to a Rovio Representative.

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