UNBELIEVABLE! There is no doubt and it's no secret now which radio station across this entire globe is Drake's favorite, as he featured a full clip of audio from the WBLK "Quiet Storm" program hosted by Al Woods back in the day on his new album, "Scorpion."

It makes sense though as Drake is from Toronto which could possibly be the WBLK fan capital of the world.  I say that because every time I go to Toronto and wear a WBLK tee or we do an event in Toronto the people there treat us like royalty.

Well Drake, we love you bro and appreciate the WBLK mention (which is an understatement) on your new "Scorpion" album.

It's fair to say that Drake is the #1 hip-hop artist on Earth at this point in time and to have not only the frequency and call letters mentioned on the song "After Dark" on the new album is an honor. The studio phone number is even mentioned!

Since the release of the new album the phone lines at WBLK (716-644-9393) have been ringing off the hook! We've gotten calls from people just trying the number out, thinking it was just a made-up station and phone number. We are in fact one of the oldest urban radio stations in the nation, and we appreciate the recognition!


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