In the spirit of Halloween, me and my WBLK Crew went to the House of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs. Watch as we are chased around the "Killer Theater" by Hollywood's most infamous boogiemen!

[onescreen item="5153496"]

This 10-minute walk through the "Killer Theater" was my very own Nightmare on Union Street! Watch for cameos by Pinhead, Freddy Kreuger, Jason and Michael Myers.

As revealed in the video I did yesterday, I was very very scared to go through this haunted attraction. But I did it for YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE!!

(S/O to Intern Chuck for filming and walking backwards while holding my hand!)

So please, watch and share this video and comment below and on Twitter & IG @JazzyTOnAir #HouseOfHorrorsBuffalo


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