Watch as I attempt to complete one of America's most terrifying and Buffalo's Longest haunted houses! Video inside. 


The above video records my mental state just a few hours before we enter the House of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs!

House of Horrors

HOUSE OF HORRORS AND HAUNTED CATACOMBS is the largest and scariest place to be this Halloween and for your own personal viewing pleasure, I am being filmed walking through it tonight at 7pm! Check out the preview!

THE HELL HOUSE- POSSESSION: You've heard the stories.... locals disappearing never to be seen again... the murders committed in the house... the rumors of bizarre rituals being performed inside.... something evil and unclean has been unleashed inside these walls and it grows stronger as every day passes and every drop of blood spills.... once you enter you may never leave again.... Welcome to HELLHOUSE.

KILLER THEATER: Come face to face with some of Hollywood's scariest horror movie killers!

BODY HARVESTERS- BLOODFEAST: The Body Harvesters-a vast Army Of The Undead are scouring the Earth to cleanse the land of the living... Out for your blood, flesh, and organs the Body Harvesters are rounding up humans like cattle- Every unfortunate soul will be torn to shreds In This Human SlaughterHouse!!

DARK CARNIVAL: Come see the sickest show on earth... all the world's oddities and freaks come together to torment anyone who dares to come inside! Clowns, demons, freaks, Genetic Mutations!!

Explore room after room of unbelievably detailed Hollywood style sets, animations, and special effects, as well as encountering over 80 live actors intent on scaring the HELL out of you!!! Over $100,000 and years of planning, design, and fabrication has been invested to guarantee that this will be the best House Of Horrors Ever!!!

House of Horrors

The House Of Horrors And Haunted Catacombs is Located in the Union Consumer Square Plaza in Cheektowaga just across from the Walden Galleria mall. Join me tonight at 7pm. And check this blog again tomorrow for the video footage!

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