A Vigil was held for Tevin Sapp, who was shot and killed after walking out of a corner store on Monday on Thatcher Street.  Tevin leaves a four-month-old and recently started working at Walmart...al that gone now because of a, or some cowards who are lost enough in their brains to take a human life.

According to news reports

, Arthur McClinton, Sapp's stepfather.had this to say at the Vigil:

"The love and support is overwhelming, I'm so grateful for it. You know, you guys out there that's doing this...it's hateful and deadly stuff. You see the people that you hurt. You got a lot of love around here." 

There has been other violence on Thatcher Street in recent years, including two other shootings, one of which was fatal as well.

I you have any informatioon

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