Usher‘s not dead. Twitter told us so. After the R&B superstar fell victim of a death hoax that went viral on the web, he tweeted to let fans know that he is alive and well, and even shared a photo of him flexing his ripped abs to prove it. Unless we’re like the kid in ‘The Sixth Sense’ and see dead people, Usher is still with us, thankfully!

News that the ‘Climax’ singer and Justin Bieber mentor had died in a single-person car crash hit the web, courtesy of Global Associated News, which generates fake headlines. We admit we were a bit unsettled by the fact that 10,000 people “Liked” this story, mind you. The report claimed Usher was pronounced dead at the scene and that he was driving 40 miles over the speed limit, hastening his own demise.

Usher took to Twitter to issue a “proof of life.” He also hit Disneyland with his sons, so the singer is indeed alive and well.


We were left wondering if the Usher death hoax was indeed real, WWBD? As in What Would Bieber Do? Usher found him and fostered his career, so he would no doubt be crushed if anything happened to the ‘OMG’ singer.

In all seriousness, anyone else out there sick of these death hoaxes? They’re certainly not funny. Too much crying wolf can also water down serious media reports. Suppose someone really is injured and everyone thinks it’s a fake story, since they’ve become so popular? Do you think there should be legislation against these hoaxes or is it freedom of speech? Feel free to comment.

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