Could there be some validity in there being a Conspiracy in this United States in which we reside?  2nd Question: What could you accomplish if you were a Mad "Cartoon" Scientist trying to manipulate the world and you discovered a way to CONTROL THE WEATHER & PEOPLE'S BRAINS?

H.A.A.R.P. is an experiment within the United States engaged in an attempt to control the weather.  As Hurricane Sandy approaches rapidly, it makes you wonder.  Maybe Hurricane Sandy today for the East Coast, and then Hurricane Wilber next week for the West Coast, etc, etc... if the "MAD SCIENTIST" can create enough weather related obstacles, maybe he can affect the outcome of the Presidential Election to suit his own personal desires.  I mean listen, if the weather is bad enough on or leading up to Election could prevent some people from voting...ESPECIALLY if the "Mad Scientist" can control the weather such that it's isolated to certain demographic areas. AND...what if this "MAD SCIENTIST" could CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS!!!????

It's been said that the Democratic Party traditionally represents the middle to less fortunate population, while the Republican party stereotypically is comprised of the more fortunate.  So if the weather could be controlled to the extent that a less fortunate person is not apt to go out and catch a bus, train, or walk to vote...or....if there's a certain segment of the population who traditionally stays home due to rain, snow, storm, etc...and I, "The Mad Scientist", can manipulate and control the weather such that it causes those people to STAY HOME...AND...CONTROL YOUR BRAIN & THOUGHTS!!!!...wouldn't that be a fantastic accomplishment and almost impossible situation for even Batman to thwart?  Many believe the H.A.A.R.P. technology caused the disastrous earthquake  in Haiti!

Sound far-fetched?!?  Watch the following video about the H.A.A.R.P. experiment and you decide!