With summer arriving soon, don't plan on being able to hang out with your friends on Yonge Street in Toronto anytime soon. The US Department of Homeland Security announced in a tweet that the international border with Canada will remain closed for at least another month.

According to a report by WKBW-TV, non-essential travel between Canada and the United States will continue to be restricted until June 21, 2021. The closure of the more than 5,500-mile border now extends into its 15th month and is now the longest amount of time that the border between the two countries has been closed in its more than 200-year history.

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This closure comes on the heels of Ontario announcing the extension of its province-wide shutdown. Even though non-essential travel continues to be banned, essential travel like medical, commercial business and trade are still allowed under certain circumstances. You can read more about them here on Canada's Travel and COVID-19 Website. Also, if you are fortunate enough to be able to travel into Canada, you can find the Canadian quarantine rules right here.

We need to get this under control because Crystal Beach is calling my name and I can't wait to do hoodrat stuff with my friends in Dundas Square.

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