It really sad how the NCAA is really hurting the college basketball season by staring the season one week earlier and its already in the mist of football season and if the team is having a good season like the UB football team, anything other than football gets overlooked.

This past Friday the UB Bull's hoop squad, had one of the biggest upsets in the history of the program as they beat No.13 West Virgin in a overtime.  The other big upset that placed UB on everyone's radar was the win against Arizona last year in the NCAA tourney. WOW. UB guard CJ Massinburg had 43 points which gave them a  99-94 in overtime Friday night.West Virginia hasn't  lost a home opener since a 91-84 defeat against Northeastern in 2003 according to ESPN.



Buffalo will continue to be on the road as they take a trip to Southern Illinois on Monday. Here are the highlights below.

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