Wow.  This kind of comes out of nowhere, but a Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield Fight is very possible.  It would, of course, be an exhibition fight ... but would it be?  Is Mike Tyson capable of the discipline it would take to be of the mindset that this is an 'exhibition' fight?

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From the looks of a just-released Mike Tyson Personal Workout Video on YouTube, which he did in China, Tyson is in tip-top shape and suggests in the video that he may come back.  It also sounds and LOOKS like it's not just some fly-by-night comeback.  Tyson promises to come back and fight with the Spirit of Mao, referring to the Spirit of the late Chinese Communist Dictator, Chairman Mao Tse-tung.  As soon as Tyson says this, it's as if he becomes a possessed warrior and begins a wild and calculated series of punches while seemingly growling.


Can Holyfield handle all that apparent Spirit of Mao fight rage?  According to a video interview on YouTube with Evander, he's ready...but to me, he looks subliminally terrified.


This fight, although just an exhibition, would be the most exciting that has happened in Sports in quite some time. Let's keep an 'ear out' ... oh wait, no more of that...let's keep an eye out for more info regarding a possible Mike Tyson -vs- Evander Holyfield 3.

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