Two of the finest brothers in Hollywood are going at eachother's character on Facebook! Watch all the videos here.

"$*&% Your timeline, I Do what I want"

Tyrese starts beef between his character in the movie Baby Boy "Jody" and Larenz Tate's Character in Menace to Society "O Dog"

Larenz gets his phone back and posts this message to further the Facebook beef between the two characters. "O Dog is America's Nightmare. Jody is just a Baby Boy"! LOL

This is my favorite video. Watching Tyrese react to Larenz video is priceless!!

At some point Tyrese gets off Facebook and does a free show in LA. It was all good until Larenz Tate showed up backstage and tried to create a problem.

Tyrese responds "You just be real careful what you doin out here"

"I'm in these streets too.... Security ain't always gonna be there pimpin." - Larenz with his fine ass.

Personally I don't believe the beef is real. But it sure is fun watching these handsome and wealthy brothers move their lips on my computer screen! LOL

##### UPDATE #######

The Saga continues!

After Larenz claims that he was up for the role of "Jody" in Baby Boy, Tyrese goes on this 9 min rant while wearing his Lion King blanket.