The newest entry into the Big Dummy Files are James Bagarozzo, 56, of Crestwood Avenue and Lawrence Charles, 39, of Homer Avenue in Buffalo. Two parking meter repairmen have been accused of stealing from the meters for YEARS !

These men are suspected of stealing over 200,000 in Quarters over 6 years. This was a genius plan that these two had going on for a long time. They are probably responsible for the digital meters that you see all over the city now. They rigged the meters so the money wouldn't come out and kept the money for themselves.

Well I'm not mad at the theft part personally that happens every day. The part that really bothers me is that they found 40,000 in cash at Bagarozzo's home. Come one really you develop a scheme like this and KEEP THE QUARTERS really ? Also did you think that this was never going to come to an end. Maybe that was his rainy day fund anyway that is the part that solidifies his position in the BIG DUMMY FILES !

Two City of Buffalo workers accused of stealing thousands: