In many of Tupac songs and interviews he spoke of how he never had a great relationship with his dad. Matter of fact, Pac thought his dad was dead.

"I thought my father was dead all my life. After I got shot, I looked up, there was this nigga that looked just like me. And he was my father; that’s when I found out."

In the upcoming  September issue of  XXL Magazine Bill Garland (Tupac's Father ) speaks about there lost and found Father and Son relationship.  Bill hadn't seen Tupac since Pac was 5 years old.

in my mind that I could’ve been a better father. There’s no doubt. I have to bear the burden of that, because maybe there was something I could’ve said or have done, maybe, that might not have led to the path that his life has led to..

In 1991, Billy Garland  just happen to see Tupac in the movie "Juice"  and that sparked the reconnection of Tupac and Billy.  This article goes into although brief but deep details about the relationship between Tupac and his dad Bill Garland.

How do you feel about Billy Garland finally speaking out about his relationship with Tupac ? Is he trying to cash in on Pac fame or is he trying to express his true feelings? Please make your comments

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