Christopher Columbus is idolized for discovering America in 1492 but we know better. Learn the truth about the Italian explorer inside.


The following was written by my intern Carlton:

Most people don’t know what Columbus really did once he came to North America. I was fortunate enough to go through a class about the history of Native Americans recently, which brought to light this great lie that the American people have been taught. The instructor, who was a proud Native American woman from the Seneca Nation, told us that Christopher Columbus was not even looking for America but was looking for gold.

When he landed on the Caribbean islands he thought he was India, and called the Native people there “Indians”. (It’s a shame that to this day many people refer to Native Americans as Indians.)

My Seneca instructor also talked about how Columbus’ crew wanted to overthrow him on the ship because of the fatal working conditions on the voyage, but once they got ashore, he let his crew rape the woman and kill the "savages" instead.

People who celebrate Christopher Columbus Day are celebrating a man who would do anything to become rich and famous, even if it meant killing and raping innocent people. So next time you want to celebrate this holiday remember what this so called “great explorer” did to the real American people.

Jazzy T's suggestion is to Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving instead!