Watch local High School choirs sing
Its a tradition that has been going on for a while and it will continue this week. M&T Bank is doing their traditional "Holiday Music Under the Dome", starting today until Friday December 14th where you can check out local high school choirs from WNY.
Celebrate Native American Day
Every 2nd Monday Americans celebrate Columbus Day in honor of the man who 'discovered America".
But thanks to the tireless work of hundreds of people who understand the true legacy of Christopher Columbus, several states have decided to ditch Columbus Day and celebrate Native Americans …
Truth About Chris Columbus
Christopher Columbus is idolized for discovering America in 1492 but we know better. Learn the truth about the Italian explorer inside.
The following was written by my intern Carlton:
Most people don’t know what Columbus really did once he came to North America...
An Alternative to Columbus Day
Here in America many schools and other businesses are closed for Columbus Day. But if you don't want to celebrate
the life of a man who stumbled upon America and then murdered, enslaved and stole from the Natives, enjoy Canadian Thanksgiving instead!