Spring in Western New York brings with it many things like sun, warmer temperatures, baseball, and more.

There are tons of things to look forward to for spring in Buffalo, and for me, one of the things I most look to is all of the beautiful Buffalo homes that will hit the sales market for the year. Buffalo has some of the best architecture in the world and there are some truly amazing homes in Western New York.

One of the most unique homes to ever be built in Buffalo has just gone up for sale and it's sure to catch the eye of many people.

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Constructed in 2019, and designed by architect Kevin Connors, 133 School Street in Buffalo's Grant-Ferry neighborhood, this 2,000-square-foot, 1-bedroom home with 2 bathrooms has a very interesting footprint.

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Originally a vacant lot, this home was built with a double triangle shape, this home from the above sort of looks like a Christmas tree and was designed to invoke feelings of a temple-like structure. In addition to the main house, the lot also features a detached garage that the current owner, who is an artist, has also used as a workshop.

The inside features lots of natural light, huge rooms, a private terrace, and an elevator to take you upstairs to the private living suite. The home also is designed to be extremely energy efficient as it boasts several solar panels and heat pumps.

The current owners' website says just about all that you need to know about why you'd want to buy this beautiful modern home.

This house was in my imagination years ago when I built my first solar house in Holland NY. I pictured a mirrored triangular building in the woods that would virtually disappear. After giving up living in the country I moved back to the city resuming life as a woodworker and artist. The idea of a triangle house lay dormant until I sold my dwelling and had the money to do something new.
-Ben Perrone, Owner of the Triangle House

If this at all sounds like something you want to make yours, check out the pictures below and go ahead and get your financing ready because this amazing home is now available for only $760,000.

Unique Triangle House In Buffalo For Sale

One of the most impressive homes to ever be built in Buffalo has just gone up for sale and it's sure to catch the eye of many people. 

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