This is just speculation...and probably an unfortunate one such that "JUSTICE" will not be served...  I was contemplating how the whole Trayvon Martin situation will eventually pan out.

Having seen so many times how the "Justice System" works (and because there's this stall move on behalf of the Sanford Police to the extent they (and their Attorney) are probably hiding Zimmerman and coaching him so they can get their stories's called CYA)..I can't imagine that this situation won't inevitably go to trial at some point.

Here's the defense:

  1. The guy will admit ignoring the 911 Operator and and admit to approaching Trayvon...he'll probably say the police were taking too long...
  2. He'll probably say that he and Trayvon had words or that Trayvon pushed him or something and they had a struggle and he grabbed his gun out of fear
  3. He'll say the screams for help were his own
  4. There were no eye-witnesses...only 911 calls
  5. ....and despite the fact that the 911 Operator told him not to follow Trayvon, he will probably say that he was doing his "job" (so to speak) and protecting the gated community
  6. The only way he's going down would be such that there's some proof of pre-meditated murder... he'll always contend that there was no intent to kill Trayvon...only stop self defense.

What do you think?

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