New data that was released by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services show big drops in shootings in 2022.

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Buffalo has seen some significant changes in crime this year when compared to previous years.

While it may seem that violent crime and shootings have been rampant this year across Buffalo and Western New York, new data that was released by New York State show almost the exact opposite in the 716.

New York State released its GIVE Initiative Monthly Report which breaks down shooting incidents, shooting victims, and individuals killed by gun violence data from 20 different law enforcement agencies that operate in 17 different New York counties to determine if current crime-fighting techniques are working or not.

The latest report shows a comparison of shootings that happened in Buffalo over the last 5 years, last year, and this year. In those comparisons, Buffalo has seen a decrease in shootings by more than 30%. This shooting data does include the racist act of domestic terror that took the lives of 10 and left 3 more with serious injuries. If that act of racist terrorism didn't occur, the figures in this report would be even lower.

New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services

This is overall good news for Buffalo and it shows that some things may be improving all across the region.

Top 5 Crimes Committed in Buffalo This Year

While shootings are down, police officials are still working hard to solve some crimes that have already happened. There are still several other offenses that have happened and investigators need your help.

If you see a crime happening, or have information about crimes that have occurred, please contact the Buffalo Police Department confidential tipline at 716-847-2255.

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