Airlines are prohibited from banning specific breeds of dogs on board flights as service or emotional support animals,

The US Transportation Department said Thursday, Basically there is a bit concern over the safety and passengers abusing the policies for emotional support animals.

Delta Air Lines policy barring "pit bull type dogs" from traveling as service or emotional support animals.

Airlines are allowed a case-by-case determination of whether an animal is safe to travel, and airlines can also require people traveling with emotional support animals to check in at the airport lobby, rather than online, to allow an airline official to review the animal.

A lot of flight attendants are fed up with the aircraft cabin looking a zoo, it's okay to lock your pet up for the plane ride.

One union representing flight attendants

Clear rules are necessary to ensure access to service animal assistance for people with disabilities and our veterans, while maintaining the safety, health and security of all passengers and crew onboard our planes," the group said in a statement.

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