It doesn't get much better than this time of year. Sure, the Christmas shopping is great and all, but very few things beat snuggling around the living room with hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies.

Everyone has their favorite Christmas movie. Some adore A Christmas Story. Others love The Santa Clause, while others can't get enough of Home Alone.

If you love Christmas movies and love going to see movies under the lights of The Transit Drive-In in Lockport, then you will love the next couple of weeks.

According to their website and Facebook, the Transit Drive-In will be showing Christmas movies! Get ready for two classics that just might be the two funniest Christmas movies ever made.

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The Transit Drive-In will be showing both Elf and Christmas Vacation!

If you're wondering, yes, The Transit Drive-In is still open! It's colder outside, but they have started to stay open through December lately, and honestly, it's a great idea.

Not only are there high-profile movies being released in December like Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Matrix and Nightmare Alley, but showing Christmas movies is a great touch that is so popular with families.

The Transit Drive-In suggests bringing blankets with you and you can leave the car running if you like, just make sure your headlights are off at all times. You can manually turn them off. Attendants will be around to help customers turn off their lights if they can't find a way to do so.

Who's ready to watch some great Christmas movies at the drive-in?

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