When I first heard that a tow truck driver was shot and killed Saturday night in Buffalo, I figured it was a bad case of Operation Repo gone wrong. But after talking to some local residents, it looks like Corddaryl Henley's life may have ended at the hand of a fellow truck driver!

Unlike most other major American cities, Buffalo, NY does not have "zoning laws" to dictate what towing company gets to take the call for a roadside emergency. The result, the streets of Buffalo turn into the wild wild west in a battle of who gets to load up the wreck and collect the cash! Drivers have been known to get ito fist fights and even hit the other with a baseball bat.

On Saturday, a 25 yr old father of six was driving his tow truck when he was shot and crashed into a home. He was pronounced dead on the scene However the Police commisioner is still hesitant to do anything about it.

Police would not comment on a motive or any possible suspects, but do admit there is a person of interest who had threatened Corddaryl Henley the night before his death.

Why do you think Buffalo Police are ignoring the apparent Tow Truck Turf Wars in Buffalo?