People always have a hard time coming up with fun and interesting Halloween costumes, but this year, have no fear! WBLK to the rescue!

Here are the top creative costumes for Halloween 2013 based on Buffalo's Biggest Jams and Viral Videos!

1. "Fox"


What Does the Fox Say? It says are you ready for Halloween with any of these animal outfits from this Ylvis "Fox" viral music video.

2. "Blurred Lines"


Have your friends’ twerk-or-treating with you this Halloween when you become Miley Cyrus from the infamous VMA performance.


Grab a black and white pantsuit for your guy, and he can be Robin Thicke, and you and him can perform "Blurred Lines". Don't forget the foam finger!

3. "Get Lucky"


Daft Punk is a great and creative costume based on the crossover hit "Get Lucky"! Plus, it would look cool when you’re dancing too.

4. "Rap God"


Pay homage to the "Rap God" as you dress up as a bag of “Eminems” with the face of Marshall Mathers.

5. "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That"

Tie your hair up with a old scarf, put some gold in your mouth, throw on a tank top and leave your shoes at home, 'cause when your dressed as Sweet Brown, you ain't got time fo dat!


6. "No Games"


Rick Ross had Instagram buzzing when he came out to perform "No Games" with Future at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. All you need is a beard, some fake tattoos and a blue crushed velvet jogging suit. No shirt required!

7. #CrazySexyCool

Getty Images

You and your girlfriends can link up and be #CrazySexyCool as TLC. After the debut of their biopic movie this week, I expect this will be a hot new trend this year.

8. "Started From The Bottom"


Drake is at the top right now, but why not become Drake when he started from the bottom? Grab a wheelchair, some sweat pants and a t-shirt and voila, you’re Jimmy from Degrassi.

9. "Jump Jump"


In honor of Chris Kelly, who passed away this summer, grab your friend and be Kriss Kross! All you got to do is find an oversized baseball jersey and wear your clothes backwards!!

10. Thrift Shop


Are you a white guy with only $20 in your pocket?? Go to the thrift store and find the most outrageous fur coat and go as Macklemore!

Let us know who you will be for Halloween 2013 in the comments below, or tweet me @JazzyTOnAir!

Intern Carlton contributed to this post.