So Kendrick Lamar had the Internet goin nuts ever since he claimed to be the #KingOfNewYork on Big Sean's "Control" track Monday Night. And now hip hop has woken up and fired back! Listen to my top 5 favorite responses to #KendricksVerse


After a firestorm on Twitter and instragram about King Kendirck owning the rap game , rappers feel the need to redeem themselves. Here are my favorite response tracks as of 8/14 3pm

5. Astro "KONY"

This Astronomical Kid was a finalists on the X-Factor. I appreciate his love for New York and he comes correct on this response. #SaluteFam

4. Mickey Factz "South Park"

Mickey takes it back to the Bronx giving Kendrick the competition he asked for! My fav line is: "You the King of New York? I beg your pardon. The King of LA is dead and that dude is from Harlem" #TUPAC

3. BoB - "How 2 Rap"

BoB flips Kendrick's flow with his first few bars

“Now open your mind up and listen, you n****s. I am the master, the guru, and after I school you, I’m skinning you n****s. You finished. I’m making chinchillas out [of] n****s. You should be embarrassed I’m thinking ’bout rapping. It’s killing you n****s,”

Then he does a few lines Drake/Migos Style before going in on that guitar like no other rapper can.

2. Joell Ortiz "Outta Control"

We gotta give it to Joell for being the first responder on Kendrick's #KingofNewYork Claim. You may remember this Shady record's artist from the group Slaughterhouse and he is living up to that name. As a real New Yorker, he calls Kendrick out for trying to take the thrown from the true Kings of the East.

"I ain't even got to give this too much though, Joell Ortiz one of the won any war that he ever fought/This ain't no different, I'm listening, you the King of New York? Little homie you ain't the king of New York/You the next thing on my fork."

1. Fred The God Son "Say My Name"

##### Laughable Mentions ######

Kevin Hart

Lupe Fiasco "SLR2"

The first problem I have with this song is his excessive use of the word "Banana". Like WTF is that? Seriously.

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