Gas prices in New York state are continually on the rise, but not if Republican leaders have a say in it. 

GOP lawmakers are urging Gov. Kathy Hochul to suspend the New York state tax on gasoline. At the rate that gas prices are on the rise, the gas tax could show an increase of 50 cents per gallon (or more).

On top of the increase in pump prices, you may also see your home heating bills skyrocket this winter, making it even more imperative to reduce the tax on gas -- if not completely eliminate it.

The tax-free gasoline was first proposed by New York Senate Minority Leader Robert Ortt and Deputy Minority Leader Andrew Lanza. They teamed up and wrote a letter to Hochul asking her to suspend the gas tax in New York state. 

“We can work to recover economically from the pandemic, helping businesses and families across the state,” the letter reads.

Two senators joined Ortt at a Rochester gas station to reiterate the request of tax-free gasoline. They mentioned that gasoline prices could reach up to as high as $4 per gallon, with the taxes covering approximately 55 cents of that price. 

Most local gas stations across Western New York have already seen a jump in at least 20 cents per gallon.

The decision for tax-free gas for all of New York state is still in discussion, but you can actually find tax free gas in Western New York -- right. now. Exciting, right?

I put together a list of five places where you can find tax-free gas in Western New York.

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