On this Free Movie Monday I have to jump in on the Twitter Trending topic #MoviesIveSeen50x! There are some moments in a movie that are worth watching 50 times or more. Inside I'll share some of mine with you and look forward to reading about your all time favorite movies!

1. Rocky 4 - My Favorite Movie of All Time! I've easily seen this 500 times. And yes I own Soundtrack as well as the entire Rocky DVD collection. Of course the James Brown performance before Apollo's last fight with Dragon is an instant classic!

The other scene I have to share with you is the training montage, where Rocky is all pumped up after his wife Adrian joins him out in Russia. "No Pain! No Pain"

2. All About the Benjamins. 2 words - Mike Epps!

3. Love Jones - This movie set the stage for how romance should be!

Not to mention I thought I was Nia Long :)

4. Friday - SMOKEY!

5. Love & Basketball - The Title says it all