There was a lot of hype around reality TV Star Tamar Braxton's singing career. That is, until Toni Braxton came out with her new single! Now some folks are eating their words. Take a listen to both singer's hits and decide for yourself, which Braxton is better?



Ok so first of all I have to admit that I NEVER seen the Braxton's reality show, so all I am doing here is comparing voices. When we first started playing Tamar Braxton's music on WBLK I was like, oh that's cute Toni is letting her little sister get some shine. But now I see Tamar on cover of magazines and here people talk about her like she is really some mega-star.

To me, Tamar Braxton is just a reality-star who's light will go out soon enough. I mean, she can sing, but I don't see her winning any Grammy's anytime soon.

And then, along came Toni Braxton & Babyface's hit single "Hurt You" and Hurt Em' she did!