Despite COVID-19 causing social disruptions in all of our lives, one family could not let the matriarch of their family's 90th Birthday pass by with little to no celebration ... so they did something very creative, and by the look on 90-year-old Dolores Kelleher's face, it may have turned out to be the best Birthday celebration she's ever had.

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According to a WGRZ news report, 66 of Dolores Kelleher's grandchildren and great-grandchildren did this for their Grandmother's birthday and they may have started a fad since social distancing is a part of lives possibly for along long time.


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Miss Delores, WBLK wishes you a spry and Happy 90th Birthday with many more to come.  Blessing to you and your entire family.  It's such a joy to see families united like yours is and it's all thanks to the example you've set for all of them.

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