This is rather disturbing when you read the full account of what has been going on within the Tonawanda Housing Authority for years (link to Full Story below).  The New York State Comptroller’s Office audited the Tonawanda Housing Authority administration and although, according to news reports things have supposedly changed, the audit uncovered a myriad of problems relative to the prior Tonawanda Housing Authority administration.

Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said this:

"The auditors discovered that under the previous administration, their frankly was a disregard, somebody even say contempt, for the neediest housing applicants and some situations where it looked like some individuals were getting preferential treatment."

...DiNapoli also said:

“Our auditors found former staff members making hostile and sometimes vulgar notes on the applications of potential tenants.”

According to news reports, DiNapoli also commented that the housing authority staff also made similar statements to his auditors who were working on site.  According to the news article, DiNapoli stated that the issues didn't seem to be of a discriminatory nature, saying,

“Based on what we found in the audit, there is not a case of discrimination in terms of race, religion, in that regard,” DiNapoli said. “It was more personal comments so it didn’t rise to that other level of concern that might have prompted some further action.”

The whole thing is very disturbing however when you consider what the new Executive Secretary of the Tonawanda Housing Authority, Dale Kokanovich, shared via news reports, stating some of the apartments were left vacant by the prior administration for years; more than one unit was left vacant for more than eight years.



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