Tommy Hilfiger gives people a lot of reasons to be jealous of him. He makes millions for designing clothing. He has an army of gorgeous models whom he can order to try on his underwear, whether he’s intending on selling it or not. Now, Hilfiger’s expensive sports car has made everyone in his neighborhood jealous.

Hilfiger’s ride, a 2003 Ferarri Enzo, topped the list of the most expensive vehicles in his town of Greenwich, Conn. The super sporty car is worth $633,360, which is still pretty impressive, even though it’s 30 percent less than its original market value.

The Enzo is not the first super expensive ride to grace Hilfiger’s garage. Hilfiger once owned an ultra regal 2010 Bentley Continental worth over $126,000.

The Enzo should sound familiar, if you don’t spend every waking minute praying to the gearhead gods for a sweeter ride. Comedian Eddie Griffin wrecked an ultra rare and ultra expensive Enzo during a promotional race for his horrid racing movie ‘Redline‘. The car was eventually restored to its former glory, but the gearhead gods punished Griffin by tanking his career and forcing him into to appear in ‘Norbit.’