Five banners. Let's repeat that again: FIVE BANNERS!!!

By our (admittedly not perfectly scientific) calculations, that means you guys filled 100-plus square feet of space with your messages. In two days. Buffalo, we knew you'd come through, but seeing the final results -- five giant banners scrawled with so many thoughts and prayers -- is absolutely mind blowing.

Your words to the people of Newtown, Conn. are incredibly heartfelt and encouraging. Seeing so many of you pause to think of what to write -- and then to read the notes others had left -- was truly incredible. We noticed more than a few people tear up...and some of us did, too.

But there's one final thing we need to do before we ship these notes off to Newtown. On Friday morning (December 21), the Townsquare Media team -- both the voices you hear on the radio every day and those of us behind the scenes -- will be in Niagara Square at 9 a.m. Join us, and help hold these banners up for a few photos (and take the opportunity to sign one of them, if you didn't make it to the mall). We'll send some of them to Newtown along with the banners.