Right now the Metro Rail goes all the way to UB Campus and stops there but the question being raised is should it be extended up to the 990. The rail extension might run along Bailey Road to Eggert Road, or along Kenmore Avenue and Niagara Falls Boulevard in the Buffalo, New York, area. The project also might include 10 new stations.

NFTA hads its 1st meeting about this with the public yesterday. Alot of people supported the extension.  This is what Kimberley Minkel, NFTA Executive Director had to say.

"For more than 30 years, our community has considered increasing the reach of Metro rail. With new growth in the region, this may be the perfect time to expand our most efficient, environmentally friendly form of mass transportation," said Kimberley Minkel, NFTA Executive Director. "This meeting provides a great opportunity for our team to share the latest information on the project, and for our community to offer valuable feedback."

So what do you think? Should they extended it?

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